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Day 17

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Wow. Has it really been two weeks since I last updated the blog? I guess it has! Things have been really going crazy the last couple of weeks, moving from one city to another, arranging transport for our stuff, locating a place to live for a little while, and making sure everything goes smoothly on the home front. Things on the work front have been going quite well. I'm beginning my third week here, and my official second week of work! The first week was just training, which while very slow, was necessary.

A couple weeks ago the studio had a monthly showing of the work that's been accomplished over the past month. It was a good time to be had in DDs screening room / daily room. A solid 30 minutes of footage was shown from the films that DD is working on, as well as all the commercials on TV that we've done. Some pretty impressive work, and it's all much more comp heavy than some other studios! It's surprising how many of the commercials Digital Domain did that are for popular products!

Working and living in Venice is going to be a change from the environment that I've been used to for the past three years up in the Bay area. We're currently staying in a hotel about a quarter mile from the beach, and the weather has been nice. Digital Domain is very close to the beach as well, so close in fact, that some guys go surfing during their lunch break! I'm not a surfer, so I have to find another vice. As always, Google Maps shows the goods. From there to here. And of course, you can't forget the directions.

No doubt about it, I miss a lot of the people I worked with up at Tippett Studio. It has a great atmosphere and awesome people. I'm slowly meeting new people here at Digital Domain, so it's just growing pains for me. It seems like a family as well, just a much bigger one! Off the top of my head, I think we're over 600 people. And I just realized that Digital Domain has been around for thirteen years! That's longer than I thought, but thinking back, it makes sense. Their first film was True Lies, released in 1994. There's more info over on IMDB.

For all those pals of mine reading this in the LA area, hopefully I'll see you soon, and for all my friends up in San Francisco, I'll be up before you know it!

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